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PASSATEMPO* Giveaway Shu Uemura X Super Mario

Olá Beauty Airliners 🙂

Tenho andado mais ausente deste “escritório” porque ando a (re)organizar a vida e algumas (boas) ideias que verão em prática nos próximos meses mas…. Hoje dou notícias por um óptimo motivo, um passatempo irresistível!

Este Giveaway fantástico é uma cortesia de Shu Uemura, uma das minhas marcas favoritas, de cabelo. A marca tem vindo a apresentar algumas colaborações mas esta é a minha preferida, até ao momento.
A Shu Uemura associou-se ao fabuloso Super Mario e vestiu alguns dos seus produtos mais icónicos com as figuras do popular jogo e eu escolhi os meus dois favoritos absolutos para vos oferecer: o Essence Absolue Protective Oil (que é, talvez o óleo de cabelo que eu uso há mais anos) e a maravilhosa Escova, um dos Rolls Royce das escovas (Beauty addicts: têm que ter uma escova Shu, uma vez na vida!), esta numa versão pocket, muito prática.

Como concorrer?

Para poderem ganhar 1 dos três conjuntos do Óleo + Escova (figuras Super Mario na foto, não incluídas ) sigam as instruções aqui embaixo e depois entrem no link para preencher os vosso dados. Boa Sorte!

  • Seguir o Beauty Airlines e a Shu Uemura no Facebook.
  • Seguir @susanapchaves no Instagram
  • Tagar 2 ou mais amigos no post de Instagram e/ou no do Facebook respeitantes ao passatempo.
  • Para terem mais uma hipótese/entrada para ganhar também podem partilhar o post/foto no vosso Facebook e/ou Instagram (não se esqueçam de me identificar e usar as hashtags #BeautyAirlines e #ShuUemuraXSuperMario para vos “encontrar”)
  • Preencher ESTE formulário (entrar no link) com os dados pedidos e… já está!

O passatempo decorre até dia 05 de Novembro às 23:59:59H; os vencedores são escolhidos via, anunciados neste post dia 06 de Novembro e também contactados por email.
Válido para Portugal e Ilhas.

Beauty Airlines Shu Uemura Super Mario Essence Absolue Passatempo

Beauty Airlines Shu Uemura Super Mario Pocket Brush Passatempo

Beauty Airlines Shu Uemura Super Mario Passatempo

Vejam a coleção completa da parceria Shu Uemura X SuperMario aqui embaixo.

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Frequent Traveller: Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde is on (well deserved) vacations. We managed to share her Beauty rituals and secrets, on the go. Follow along!

PT: A Estée Lalonde está a passar (numas bem merecidas) férias. Conseguimos pedir-lhe os seus rituais e segredos de Beleza em viagem. (em português, mais abaixo :))

What are your Beauty tricks to survive long flights? What do you always carry with you? 

I very rarely step onto a plane with a full face of makeup on because I find it very drying and uncomfortable. Whenever I’m travelling I’ll usually only pack the essential beauty products into my hand luggage; a skin essence for a boost of hydration whilst I’m in the air (Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist), my favourite lip balm (By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Balm), a hand cream (Clarins) and a face moisturiser (whichever one I have a tiny sample of!) and a sheet mask (Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask). As for snacks, it’s become a tradition for me to grab a ginger shot right before I jump on the plane, alongside a big bottle of water and enough nibbles to get me through the duration of the flight. Headphones and a good book are also a must!

What beauty rituals do you follow on a plane, treatments and makeup wise?

I don’t wear makeup on a flight so I don’t really have any beauty rituals. Something I do like to do however is apply one of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury ‘Instant Magic Facial’ Dry Sheet Masks. The reason I like to use a dry sheet mask is because there’s no mess and it’s so easy to apply. I tend to leave this mask on for around 15 – 30 minutes which leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth. It also helps to brighten my skin so I’ll step off the plane looking a lot more awake than I actually feel. Bonus!

How do you prepare for long flights? 

I’m so bad when it comes to preparing for long haul flights! Even though I try really hard to change my ways, I always find myself frantically throwing things into my suitcase the night before a flight. I tend to focus on packing my hand luggage before packing my suitcase; for me it’s most important to make sure that I have all my essentials with me in the cabin. I don’t know what I’d do if I forgot my book or my headphones! In general I’ve been learning to pack a bit lighter because I usually end up taking things that I don’t use.

When you are going to be a long time away from home and your beauty products and routines, which products do you always take with you?   

Skincare is something that’s really important to me so if I have space in my suitcase to fit all of my favourite products then you can bet I’ll be bringing the whole squad. Cleansing my face in the evenings is something that I take great pleasure in doing and it actually helps to relax me after a long day of travelling. I suffer with dry skin so hydrating masks are something that I never travel without, especially if I’ve just stepped off of a long haul flight. My ultimate favourite mask is the Fresh Rose Face Mask which actually has real rose petals in the formula and smells absolutely heavenly. This mask gives my skin the boost of moisture that it craves while I’m travelling and the scent helps to calm my senses. I love this stuff!

What’s your favorite distraction or entertainment on board?  

I love to read so I usually have my nose stuck in a book for the duration of the journey. I don’t think I could make it through a flight without a good book to read, it helps me to relax, shut out my surroundings and keep me occupied. If I’m not reading then I’m probably asleep! I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere which is a trait of mine that comes in really handy while I’m up in the air!

Do you do practice any sports or do some sort of exercise when you’re travelling?

Lately I’ve been working really hard on sticking to a strict workout schedule when I’m at home, but sticking to a regimen whilst travelling is something that I struggle with. Travelling can be exhausting so I tend to listen to my body and let it rest whenever it needs some time out. That being said when I’m away on a work trip I like to try out different workout classes if I have some time to spare. When I was in Germany in the winter I took part in an epic spin class at the Adidas HQ and had the most amazing session! It’s cool to workout in a new environment and soak up the change in atmosphere, it makes working out feel like less of a chore and keeps things interesting.

Do you take any supplements or vitamins when travelling? 

I’m so bad at remembering to take vitamins and supplements and I know that it’s something I should start doing since I always tend to get sick after a long haul flight! My Mom swears by taking Vitamin C every day and says that it helps to keep any germs at bay so maybe I should take a leaf out of her book.

How do you stay in shape with so many hours of flying, changing routines and eating habits?

In all honestly, I’m never going to be the kind of person who sticks to a strict workout routine when I’m travelling! If I’m away on a work trip I’ll try my best to make healthy food choices, but if I’m on vacation I like to let loose and treat myself to whatever my body is craving. Whenever I’m at home I try to make sure that I’m working out regularly and eating well, so no matter how many ice creams I’ve eaten at the beach, I know that I’ll always make the effort to concentrate on a healthy lifestyle when I get back from my trip.

What’s your bag of choice when flying?

I recently got a gorgeous matching set of Away luggage and I’m in love! The cases move so easily and I can fit tons of stuff in there, not to mention that the sandy colour is absolutely gorgeous. In terms of a handbag I don’t really have a go-to but I do love my dusty blue Chloé backpack, there’s so much space and I love being able to sling it over my shoulders. As long as I can fit my book in my handbag I’m happy.

How do you take care of your hair when travelling? 

I don’t really have any specific travelling hair care tips, but for the past few months I’ve been taking the time to brush my hair with a Mason Pearson brush every evening before I go to bed. My hairdresser Larry King told me that brushing my hair in this way will help to distribute the oils to the ends of my tresses, thus making it healthier, stronger and more hydrated. Since doing so, I’ve really started to notice a positive difference to the condition of my hair.

Other essentials – hair ties or clips, perfume, Babyliss, cuticle oil, blanket, gadgets

I can’t step onto a plane without a few hair ties in my handbag, a top knot is my go-to travelling hairstyle because it’s just so comfortable! I like to bring an eye mask with me to block the awful artificial lights in the cabin and help me get to sleep. My neck pillow is also something that stays with me at all times whenever I’m travelling, it helps to keep my back straight and my neck supported. I couldn’t doze off without it.I usually prepare some podcasts to listen to as well as a backup iPhone charger!

Tell me about your latest projects, goals for this year? 

At the moment I’m actually recording my very own Podcast which is something that I’ve wanted to do for such a long time! I was super nervous to get started but I’m so pleased with how its coming along and all the hard work that myself and my team have put into this project is really starting to pay off. I can’t wait until the first episode is out there in the real world. This year I’ve also partnered with Lancôme which I’m super happy about, we have so many exciting projects coming up over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled for those. At the beginning of 2017 I also made it my mission to stop over-working. I’m one of those people who can’t switch my work brain off until my head hits the pillow so I’ve been trying to stop reading through my emails once 7pm rolls around. I’m slowly starting to learn the importance of taking time to switch off and enjoy the moment and that’s actually making me more creative in my work life.


Bloom, o livro de Estée

Bloom, o livro de Estée

Português, embaixo: 

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Frequent traveller: Sam McKnight

Hair by Sam McKnight Gigi Hadid

I would have to lie and not admit right away that I’ve always had this “thing” with Sam McKnight. No, it’s not a dirty secret, it’s not a forbidden love of sorts but rather a mix of great admiration for someone who has had such a big role in contemporary Fashion and Beauty. But it’s not only that.

Growing up collecting Vogue UK‘s since the mid 80’s (eons before I dreamed working at a Vogue edition!), I soon noticed one name frequently in the teams credits and, with time, realized that many of the images that have became iconic, in editorials, portraits and advertising had his unique touch, view magic and… sense of humor. The latter is actually the “thing” I’ve always felt when looking at his work or actually watching him work backstage and, in the last few years, closely following him in his uniquely styled social media feeds (he followed back! yeay!). He was one of the first fashion Guru’s to Tweet regularly but it was when Instagram came along that (I believe) he found the best ground to post his views, his talent, the flowers from his garden and then those wigs, Sam, those wigs.

No day is a good day without my daily dose of Samstagram.


The new Hair By Sam McKnight line has (finally) arrived!

Well Sam does a lot more that we see on his feed and even on his published work. He managed to keep a well kept secret about this hair product line he was developing for some time. (You did give me a hint on our last phone interview, Sam, but I kept your secret safe, ha!). On last Fashion Week, in Milan and Paris, he unveiled his “Hair By Sam McKnight product line” (one I cannot wait to get my hands and hair on but Sam has promised he’d send me a few – and I’ll stalk you till you do, Sam! 😀 )
For now, they can only be bought at Liberty‘s but we’re crossing our fingers that we can buy them online soon enough.

Os produtos da linha Hair By Sam McKnight

Os produtos da linha Hair By Sam McKnight


Frequent Traveller Secrets

You can read the interview with Sam about the new hair line in the current VOGUE Portugal Issue, May cover, out now, where he spoke about his work and inspiration for his line but… I didn’t leave it at that, I just had to bring a bit of Sam-goodness to the executive lounge of the Beauty Airlines blog and share with you his well-traveled secrets and tips of the trade for those who spend more time in the (h)air than on the ground.
Enjoy it!

Tell us your travel secrets?
I always take a book and have a great playlist on the go. Plus I bring my own teabags.

How do you organize/pack your grooming essentials?
I always pack clear toiletries bags in different sizes to separate and organise. My Kit Co. does a great range.

What grooming products do you always carry with you?
Foreo Luna 2 for Men, Aesop Facial Oil, Elemis Mens.

Other packing secrets or inflight preparations for work or vacation?
I use TUMI travel cases, personally and for my kit. They are strong and durable, I have had many of them for years. A Diptyqie candle always bring me a sense of home

Do you spa? Favorite address in London or in the world for the best kept secret of pampering.
I dont really go to Spa’s, I find it more relaxing being in my garden or I go and visit the rose garden in Regents Park – it is one of my favourite open spaces in London. It’s still relatively hidden. I do love to get out into the country and Sissinghurst Castle Gardens are one of my favourite escapes.

Keeping hair healthy during a summer vacation?
I would suggest protecting hair with an spf and if you have very fragile hair wear a hat or scarf. It its good to hydrate hair at night with treatments.

What do you reccomend to your friend models or that you do yourself.
Viviscal for thinning hair, Silk pillowcase, Tangle Teaser Compact.

We know it’s all about individuality but…. your favorite look of the SS17 shows was…?

Favorite beach
Ibiza in the summer – it’s a magical place.

Favourite hotel in London.
I love Claridges. The old English charm, it’s iconic and still, for me, the best hotel.

Favorite app?


See Sam’s Favorites in the gallery below.

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Português, embaixo:

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Cabelos Trend alert: Shag (sim, está de volta!)

Era uma vez o corte de cabelo Bob que cresceu, ganhou alguns centímetros e mudou o nome para Lob. O Lob, apesar de prático e giro, sentia-se sem personalidade, apenas visto como a versão menos posh do penteado que o criou. Vai dai, encheu-se de camadas, franja e movimento e puff… nasceu o Shag. A verdade é que mesmo esta história sendo imaginária (e uma pura demonstração da versatilidade do crescimento do cabelo entre penteados), o karma não dorme: este Verão o reinado do Bob foi está ameaçado pelo Shag. 

Se o nome não lhe diz nada pense em Mick Jagger. Em anos 70. Em Rachel da série Friends (mais penteadinho, sim). Pense na fase sensual de Taylor Swift ou naquele corte cool que Alexa Chung usou por uns tempos. Pense em rock’n’roll e em sprays texturizantes.

O Shag funciona com todos os tipos de cabelos e texturas, diferindo em comprimento, camadas e comprimento e estilo da franja (mais ou menos aberta conforme o formato do rosto). Sim, o Shag tem muito de ‘podia ter sido você a cortá-lo em casa’, mas também tem uma dose de ‘acordei assim’ e ‘sou sexy’ que nos fazem ponderar umas quantas tesouradas.

Uma dica para que tudo corra bem entre si e o Shag?

Deixe as camadas compridas o suficiente para as conseguir colocar atrás das orelhas.
E, como no resto: divirta-se! 

Mais inspirações de cortes, cores e penteados:


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Trend alert: slick back hair / cabelo puxado para trás

Podemos sempre contar com as passerelles para nos dar a volta à cabeça e esta estação não é diferente. Uma das grandes tendências avistadas nas maiores semanas de Moda para o verão 2017 é o slick back hair ou cabelo puxado para trás, em tradução literal (e a única que me ocorre. Sugestões?). Vimo-lo na Balmain, como se acabados de sair a piscina. Em Paco Rabanne chegou com variações de cor. Em Stella McCartney veio menos molhado que os restantes, mas ainda mais cool. O meu preferido? Jason Wu, combinado com umas gigantescas argolas douradas e um batom vermelho. Trashy mas classy.

Óleo, gel, mousse, cremes – tudo é válido para atingir o look slick back, disseram quase em coro os cabeleireiros das fahsion weeks. Mas como trazer um look tão… especifico (?) para fora das passerelles? Felizmente as celebridades são exímias em transformar missões impossíveis em visuais que queremos taaanto copiar. E com o slick back não é diferente! Há anos que as VIPs usam o cabelo molhado e penteado para trás nas red carpets, principalmente quando querem dar destaque ao rosto. Ou tornar a sua roupa sexy em ultra mega estupidamente sexy (é só ver a galeria acima).

Se querem aumentar a dose de sensualidade no vosso look, experimentem o slick back. E nunca mais olhem para trás. 😉

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MODA LISBOA Boundless: street style beauty FW 17

Os looks de Beleza da Moda Lisboa Boundless, do próximo Outono/Inverno 2017, já foram explorados aqui neste post: ModaLisboa Boundless: Best of Beauty  mas não foi só em cima da passerelle que vi coisas bonitas: pela lente da Tania Braukamper escolhi também os visuais (alguns off-runway, outros de puro street-beauty) que me fizeram tomar notas, quer pela simplicidade, quer pela frescura ou… originalidade. Quais foram os vossos preferidos?


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Os 5 melhores penteados sem calor do Pinterest


Hoje em dia não são só as passerelles a lançar as tendências. Há as revistas, os blogues, os Instagrams, as Kardashians e sim, o Pinterest. Todos os anos a rede social lança fumo branco sobre aquilo que vamos andar a usar nos próximos tempos, o que inclui também a Beleza. Para 2017 uma das grandes apostas (ou buscas, neste caso) são os penteados sem calor (no-heat hairstyles, facilita caso queiram procurar). Isto é, sem uso do secador, placa e tantos outros utensílios que, apesar de lifesaving (e changing) levam horas e trabalho e muitas vezes acabam por danificar os fios. E o que mais se quer e precisa num mundo onde ‘tempo’ é a palavra que melhor define luxo? Soluções à mão de semear. Truques que nos façam ficar (ainda mais) bonitas sem que nos doa a cabeça. Penteados que não nos aumentem a conta da luz. E eu reuni os cinco melhores penteados sem calor para que as minhas lindas Beauty Airlines não percam tempo. Nem sequer a fazer enter. 😉

Para outro tipo de penteados mais ‘quentes’:


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7 penteados de SS17 para usar JÁ!

Se, tal como a mim, também as tendências de Inverno já vos parecem vintage, então está na altura de mudar. Estou desconfiada que é essa a razão pela qual as passerelles da temporada seguinte são anunciadas tão cedo… 😉 Seja o motivo um desejo extremo de renovar o visual ou uma tentativa de chamar o calor um pouco mais cedo, estes são os penteados das passerelles de SS17 que pode começar o test drive em 3,2,1… já!

Mulher prevenida vale por 2 – ou 7 que são o número de looks de SS17 que vos dou a provar. Quero ver resultados ASAP!

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O corte de cabelo deste verão: Bob haircut


Desde que apareceu, por volta dos anos 20, Bob deve ser o nome masculino que mais dá a volta à cabeça das mulheres… Um dos estilos de penteado mais famosos de sempre, de tempos a tempos vemos uma enchente de cortes curtos pelas passadeiras vermelhas (e não só). Esta estação antecipa-se uma das suas épocas áureas.

Cada vez mais diferenciado do modelo original mas com denominadores comuns, o corte ganha outras versões. Mais modernas e platinadas, ao estilo de Taylor Swift, ou mais habituais, como vemos em Kylie Jenner (até voltar a colocar uma das suas infames perucas…). Se procurava ideias para uma mudança não tão radical de look (afinal, um clássico é um clássico) que tal chamar pelo Bob este Verão?

Qualquer Bob desta galeria será um bom partido para o seu cabelo. 😉

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  • Inês

    Acho que fica tão bem a algumas mulheres, ainda não tive coragem de o fazer a mim, por enquanto opto pelo lob. 🙂

    Moi by Inês

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