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Frequent traveller: Sam McKnight

Hair by Sam McKnight Gigi Hadid

I would have to lie and not admit right away that I’ve always had this “thing” with Sam McKnight. No, it’s not a dirty secret, it’s not a forbidden love of sorts but rather a mix of great admiration for someone who has had such a big role in contemporary Fashion and Beauty. But it’s not only that.

Growing up collecting Vogue UK‘s since the mid 80’s (eons before I dreamed working at a Vogue edition!), I soon noticed one name frequently in the teams credits and, with time, realized that many of the images that have became iconic, in editorials, portraits and advertising had his unique touch, view magic and… sense of humor. The latter is actually the “thing” I’ve always felt when looking at his work or actually watching him work backstage and, in the last few years, closely following him in his uniquely styled social media feeds (he followed back! yeay!). He was one of the first fashion Guru’s to Tweet regularly but it was when Instagram came along that (I believe) he found the best ground to post his views, his talent, the flowers from his garden and then those wigs, Sam, those wigs.

No day is a good day without my daily dose of Samstagram.


The new Hair By Sam McKnight line has (finally) arrived!

Well Sam does a lot more that we see on his feed and even on his published work. He managed to keep a well kept secret about this hair product line he was developing for some time. (You did give me a hint on our last phone interview, Sam, but I kept your secret safe, ha!). On last Fashion Week, in Milan and Paris, he unveiled his “Hair By Sam McKnight product line” (one I cannot wait to get my hands and hair on but Sam has promised he’d send me a few – and I’ll stalk you till you do, Sam! 😀 )
For now, they can only be bought at Liberty‘s but we’re crossing our fingers that we can buy them online soon enough.

Os produtos da linha Hair By Sam McKnight

Os produtos da linha Hair By Sam McKnight


Frequent Traveller Secrets

You can read the interview with Sam about the new hair line in the current VOGUE Portugal Issue, May cover, out now, where he spoke about his work and inspiration for his line but… I didn’t leave it at that, I just had to bring a bit of Sam-goodness to the executive lounge of the Beauty Airlines blog and share with you his well-traveled secrets and tips of the trade for those who spend more time in the (h)air than on the ground.
Enjoy it!

Tell us your travel secrets?
I always take a book and have a great playlist on the go. Plus I bring my own teabags.

How do you organize/pack your grooming essentials?
I always pack clear toiletries bags in different sizes to separate and organise. My Kit Co. does a great range.

What grooming products do you always carry with you?
Foreo Luna 2 for Men, Aesop Facial Oil, Elemis Mens.

Other packing secrets or inflight preparations for work or vacation?
I use TUMI travel cases, personally and for my kit. They are strong and durable, I have had many of them for years. A Diptyqie candle always bring me a sense of home

Do you spa? Favorite address in London or in the world for the best kept secret of pampering.
I dont really go to Spa’s, I find it more relaxing being in my garden or I go and visit the rose garden in Regents Park – it is one of my favourite open spaces in London. It’s still relatively hidden. I do love to get out into the country and Sissinghurst Castle Gardens are one of my favourite escapes.

Keeping hair healthy during a summer vacation?
I would suggest protecting hair with an spf and if you have very fragile hair wear a hat or scarf. It its good to hydrate hair at night with treatments.

What do you reccomend to your friend models or that you do yourself.
Viviscal for thinning hair, Silk pillowcase, Tangle Teaser Compact.

We know it’s all about individuality but…. your favorite look of the SS17 shows was…?

Favorite beach
Ibiza in the summer – it’s a magical place.

Favourite hotel in London.
I love Claridges. The old English charm, it’s iconic and still, for me, the best hotel.

Favorite app?


See Sam’s Favorites in the gallery below.

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Instagram // snapchat // youtube // bloglovin


Português, embaixo:

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É sexta-festa! Yeah!


E esta foi uma semana verdadeiramente maravilhosa, onde não só caí na toca do coelho porque não calhou… 🙂

> Conseguem adivinhar de quem é este perfume? Chega em Abril…! – NY Mag

> Depois do face-swap chega-nos o hair-swap (e assim sem mais nem menos tornou-se a notícia mais comentada do dia) – Sam McKnight

> Eu avisei que isto tinha tendência a piorar… – Vogue Brasil

> Uma tendência à minha medida ou à do meu guarda-roupa (em termos de Spice, sempre fui mais sporty do que Posh) –

> Já conhecem a nova colaboração da MAC? <3 – Fashionista

> Coisas importantíssimas de descobrir: o que o snack da tarde diz sobre si. É sexta-feira, dêem-me o desconto! – Man Repeller


É sexta-festa! Yeah!



Voltar aos tempos de infância, dormir como Marilyn Monroe ou brincar com glitter no rosto, bem podem dizer que perdi a cabeça que hoje tenho desculpa: é sexta-feira!!

> Sardas da cor do arco-íris? Segurem-meeeee que vou-me a ‘elas’! – Nylon

> 100 anos da história do produto de Beleza mais popular de sempre: não, não é o creme anti-celulite, meninas. É o batom!

> Estou entusiasmada por dar este novo brinquedo a Miss E (que não gosta de bonecas, é um facto…). Um pequeno passo para o homem, um grande passo para todas as mulheres e respectivas curvas

> O cabelo croissant, inspirado em Picasso, que levou cinco dias – c-i-n-c-o – a fazer! Oh mon Chanel! (e apresento-vos um dos meus hairstylist preferidos) – Sam McKnight

> Não digam que veio daqui, mas em breve vamos todas poder cheirar a diamantes… Smell bright like a DiamondCoty


Obrigada nós, Sam McKnight!

É sempre um prazer entrevistar o Sam McKnight, não só porque é um dos hairstylists mais talentosos mas porque é educadíssimo, charmoso, divertido e tem um dos feeds de Instagram que mais gosto de seguir, aqui.

Na edição de Outubro, da VOGUE, publicámos um artigo com a última entrevista que lhe fiz, em Edinburgo, durante uma conferência da Pantene, com as últimas tendências de cabelos mas também com um pouco de um dos seus hobbies preferidos, a jardinagem. Sam é apaixonado por jardins, plantas e flores e partilha muitas fotos do seu jardim e de muitos outros que visita. No seu feed de Instagram tanto podemos ver uma flor magnífica como o backstage do último desfile Chanel ou até o próprio Sam com variadíssimas perucas…!

Hoje fiquei especialmente contente – e orgulhosa! – de ver que ele partilhou o artigo da VOGUE no seu Instagram e já teve imensos comentários, inclusivé do Orlando Pita, outro hairstylist fabuloso e do (ahhh, pulos de alegria) do Olivier Rousteing, o designer da Balmain.

Não é o máximo? #proud!

Beauty Airlines Sam McKnight 1


Um visual do desfile Chanel de primavera/verão. Sam tem sido o hairstylist responsável pelos penteados dos defiles e campanhas da marca.

Beauty Airlines Sam McKnight 2

… e Sam, a divertir-se com as perucas do desfile. Se procurarem no feed dele, vêem imensas fotos dele com perucas, é hilário.

Beauty Airlines Sam McKnight 3

Uma das muitas imagens a plantas e flores que ele partilha.

Beauty Airlines Sam McKnight 4


PS: podem seguir o meu Instagram, em @sumiga, aqui.